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TCO 325 Course Resources last updated 15 March, 2012

Multimedia Production Pipeline

Multimedia Production Process


Pairs Presentation Assignment details

Multimedia Evaluation Report Assignment details

Principles of Interactive Multimedia

Multimedia Rubric
Principles and Examples
Examples of Multimedia

Design Brief Worksheet


Design Blueprint Examples
Example One
Example Two
Example Three
Example Four
Course Resources
Graham Chapter Outlines
Vannevar Bush Summary quotes
Home Page Guidelines
TCO325 Principles of Design
Design Brief Contents
Design Brief Practice Worksheet
Online Reading
A Job By Any Other Name
Rapid Prototyping
Rapid Prototyping -- Making Paper Planes
MYDL Curriculum -- Rapid Prototyping in Action
An E-Learning Primer
Interactivity: A Forgotten Art
As We May Think -- Vannevar Bush
Interactivity Resources
Dr. Codone's Summary of Interactivity Types & Levels
Levels of Interactivity -- 1-4
Interface Design Resources
Online Bibliography of Interface Design Articles
Common Front Group at Cornell University
Web Interface Design: Learning From Our Past
User Interface Design Tips
Yahoo's Interface Design Links
Principles of Good GUI Design
Jakob Nielsen's Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design
Yale Web Style Guide Interface Design
Multimedia Web Resources
Good & Bad Multimedia Examples
IEEE Multimedia
ACM Multimedia Special Interest Group
National Center for Supercomputing Applications Multimedia Design for the Web
Examples of Multimedia using Flash
Webopedia -- online dictionary of web & computer terms
Macromedia Showcase
The Interactive Multimedia Development Process
Multimedia Design Aids
Production Storyboard Examples
Storyboard Template
Multimedia Production Industry Standards
Aviation Industry CBT Committee (Standards)
InfoWorld Article on Industry Multimedia Standards
IMS Global Learning Consortium
Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL-Net)
InfoWorld article -- The Learning Curve (on Industry Standards)
The Semantic Web -- an article by Scientific American
IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee










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