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TCO 325 Spring 2012
Pairs Presentation Assignment

Research and create a PowerPoint presentation on your designated topic.  The presentation should be substantial, providing comprehensive information to the class.  Your purpose is to educate the class on a topic that is related directly to multimedia design, production, and/or management.  The topics also relate to the multimedia industry and multimedia careers.  The presentation length is up to you, but should last roughly 20-30 minutes with discussion, demonstrations (if applicable), and questions. Be creative in your presentation design and delivery.

Presentations are worth 100 points and will be evaluated based on the rubric further down this page.

Topics, Presenters, & Dates:

Common Multimedia Tools & their free alternatives

Helpful outline

Helpful website

Amanda Ro & Nico

Tue Feb 7

Adobe Technical Communication Suite

Product site

Amanda Ru & Korin

Tue Feb 14


Product site

Nakita & BK

Tue Feb 21


Home page

Robert & Kelton

Thu Mar 1


Home page

Trey & Steven

Tue Mar 20


Helpful presentation

ADL home page

Michelle & Molly

Thu  Mar 29

American Society for Quality

Home page

Lexi & Nick

Th Apr 12

TCO 325
Pairs Presentation
Grading Rubric

Total points: 100


Elements of Review




  • Shows awareness of audience and audience level of understanding of report topic
  • Addresses entire audience during briefing






Presentation Content

  • Pleasantly introduces topic
  • Clearly explains relevance of topic to multimedia
  • Relates topic to class objectives
  • Covers breadth of topic, from historical to present context (if applicable)
  • Covers main points clearly & accurately
  • Covers topic with sufficient depth/details
  • Summarizes presentation, highlighting important points
  • Uses handouts if necessary to best deliver content




Presentation Quality

  • Adequate slides to communicate content
  • Slides use original design – quality interface
  • Slides are legible
  • Text is spelled correctly & grammar is correct




  • Provides overview of presentation
  • Clear transition between topics
  • Appropriate length
  • Ending slide with thank you & questions






  • Clear use of language without grammatical errors or slang
  • Speaks clearly with consistent volume
  • Excellent eye contact and presence with audience
  • No verbal static (uh, ah, um)
  • Clear and precise responses to questions




































































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