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TCO 325 Spring 2012
Multimedia Evaluation Assignment


This is a group assignment. Using a provided course rubric as a model, construct your own evaluation rubric based on the principles of multimedia development and use it to conduct a rigorous evaluation of three online multimedia products. Your evaluation should include, at a minimum, ratings and written descriptions of audience relevance, design elements, media use, quality and usability. The products chosen must be approved in advance by the instructor, and be accessible by both the instructor and other students. This assignment is worth 100 points.

Due dates

The following steps are suggested elements of your paper; you may certainly add or modify as best fits your perspective.

Step 1: Evaluate Media

Step 2: Review General MM Site or Product Design

Review site hierarchy and the use of templates or consistent design. Determine if there are metaphors and if so, how they impact interface quality and navigation elements. Determine if the site/product follows commonly accepted web design principles & standards.

Step 3: Determine Significance of Content

Consider the distribution of content throughout the product -- is it loosely organized or does it represent a logical flow? Is it chunked appropriately so that users aren't overwhelmed, and are transitions present and effective? Does the product have an introduction and conclusion?

Step 4: Test Functionality (Usability testing)
Check to see if:

Step 5: Spelling & Grammar
This is self-explanatory.

Step 6: User Motivation and Interest
Determine if:

End your evaluation report with a summary paragraph summarizing your reviews. Identify the one (or more if this is the case) products that you consider to be the best, and why.

Your written paper should follow this order:

You are not bound by maximum or minimum page requirements. Just remember that you will be graded on the quality and substance of the evaluations.
Given the page outline above, you should have ample guidance to compose this report! Just let me know if you have questions.

Example Report -- this is a graduate level paper; you are not expected to produce a paper of this length or comprehensiveness. Just use it as a guide.

Sample Rubric -- again, use this as a guide, but construct your own.




































































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