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Drug delivery technology has infused new interest in seemingly ineffective drugs by targeting them specifically to desired sites of action. In this manner, unwanted systemic side effects and toxicity are obviated and dose requirements can be substantially reduced.

Research work in our laboratory has been focused on evaluating the microencapsulation of drugs to form nanospheres and microspheres thereby achieving sustained release of the drug with the aid of biodegradable polymers.

Recent years have seen an unprecedented explosion of research and applications in the field of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has the potential to significantly improve the prevention, detection, and treatment of diseases. There is a tremendous amount of excitement, that this field of nanotechnology will build momentum and produce new avenues for the treatment of diseases. However, inherent to this optimism, are the related challenges in the areas of medical applications. For example, it is difficult to adequately assess the biological effects of nanoparticles due to the fact that because of their small size, their properties may be rather unpredictable in the body. Further, changes in the overall nature and properties, route of administration and dose administered can significantly affect the response and toxicity. Despite the fact that better-engineered and much more sophisticated nanomaterial’s will continue to be evaluated and utilized to a greater extent in the future for a wide range of biomedical applications, there is also a growing concern that unexpected toxicity may arise from desired properties, such as higher hypersensitivity, and accessibility to cells, which newer materials possess in the nano range.

Our present research is focussed on novel nano and micro vaccines that can be administered orally or via the transdermal route. The proposed oral vaccines can be administered in the form of suspensions or capsules. Also, research focused on improving stability, biocompatibility and limiting toxicity with novel nanoparticles are being evaluated.  We have been working two major classes of diseases; 1) infectious diseases and 2) cancer vaccines.

At Mercer, we also have several specialty "Centers for Excellence" in the areas of Drug Delivery, Drug Analysis, and Pharmacokinetics

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