I was fortunate to be able to spend two weeks in Tanzania, Africa, in June 2003 with my sister, Louise Matthews. This online photo album documenting our trip is divided into two sections: our safari in the Serengeti and our climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Each album contains 'thumbnail' photographs; clicking on the thumbnail will bring up a larger version of the photo.

I. Serengeti Safari - June 8-11, 2003 at the Grumeti River Lodge

II. Kilimanjaro - June 12-19, 2003


In addition to traveling, I also enjoy riding my motorcycle; spending time with husband, Art; my twin daughters (Cindy and Sam); and my niece, Charlotte, as well as golfing, gardening, and working out.

Here are the three members of the Order of the Eggcup, established in 2005 in Limerick, Ireland.