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Murnane KS, Perrine SA, Finton BJ, Galloway MP, Howell LL, and Fantegrossi WE (2012) Effects of exposure to amphetamine derivatives on passive avoidance performance and the central levels of monoamines and their metabolites in mice: correlations between behavior and neurochemistry. Pychopharmacology PMID:21993877

Murnane KS, Kimmel HL, and Howell LL (2012) The neuropharmacology of prolactin secretion elicited by 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine ("ecstasy"): A concurrent microdialysis and plasma analysis study. Hormones and Behavior 61(2):181-90PMID:22197270

Andersen ML, Perez MP, Murnane KS, and Howell LL (2013) Effects of methamphetamine self-administration on actigraphy-based sleep parameters in rhesus monkeys. Psychopharmacology PMID:23263461

Murnane KS, Andersen ML, Rice KC, and Howell LL (2013) Selective serotonin 2A receptor antagonism attenuates the effects of amphetamine on arousal and dopamine overflow in non-human primates. Journal of Sleep Research PMID:23879373

Murnane KS, Winschel J, Rose S, Schmidt K, Stewart S, Rice KC, and Howell LL (2013) Serotonin 2A Receptors Differentially Contribute to Abuse-Related Effects of Cocaine and Cocaine-Induced Nigrostriatal and Mesolimbic Dopamine Overflow in Nonhuman Primates.Journal of Neuroscience PMID:23946394

Murnane KS, Gopinath KS, Maltbie E, Daunais JB, Telesford QK and Howell LL (2014) Loss of Functional Connectivity in Frontal-Striatal Brain Networks Predicts Consumption of Cocaine Psychopharmacology