Chris Grant, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Political Science


Spring 2007 Teaching Schedule

Offices Hours

POL 295 MWF 12-12:50 Langdale 210

Langdale 215: Mondays & Wednesdays  11-11:50 am & 4:15-5 pm

POL 380 MWF 2-2:50 Knight Hall 203

Groover 210:  Thursdays 1-3 pm

FYS 102 MW 3-4:15 pm; Th 3-3:50 pm Ryals Hall 206

Phone: 301-5519                             E-mail:


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Official information page of Mercer University. 

Research and political information of general interest to students.

Information for students enrolled in, or interested in, courses taught by Prof. Grant.

News sources from around Georgia, the nation, and the world.

Personal information on Professor Grant and links to sites of interest to him.

Moldova Blog keeping in touch while I live on the other side of the world for a while.

Web mail at Mercer University.

Yahoo for news and yahoo ID is chris_grant1234.

Information for students enrolled in POL 295 at Mercer University.

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