Courses I Have Taught Recently

EGR 108: Professional Practices
What is engineering? What do engineers do? This course is designed to help students explore the history of engineering, to introduce them to the impact of engineering on society, and to familiarize them with the personal and professional ethics required of an engineer. Students develop critical reading and thinking skills through extensive readings and discussions of relevant engineering and social science and humanities topics. I serve as course coordinator for EGR 108.
TCO 341: Technical Communication
This course required for all students earning a degree from the School of Engineering. It is designed to acquaint students with the forms and conventions of technical documents. Students produce a resume, letters, memos, reports, instructions, and a proposal; and make oral presentations. Professional standards are expected as the students learn the importance of skilled communication in working contexts. Emphasis is placed on writing as a process of thinking, of clarifying ideas and discovering questions, as well as on writing as information transfer. I serve as course coordinator for TCO 341.
TCO 345: Communication in Management
In this course, students examine the role of communication in the management of publications, projects, and people. Students will become familiar with information specification and planning, quality standards, tracking systems, production, and evaluation. Emphasis is placed on understanding organizational structures, building teams, and adapting to rapidly changing technologies and expectations.
TCO 363. Instructional Design
This course introduces students to the theory and practice of designing information products for teaching or training, including concepts of adult learning theory, delivery in various modes (face to face, online, on CD, etc.), and evaluation of learning. Students participate in a major course project including planning and project management, instructional design, and training.
TCO 421: Technical Editing.
TCO 421 is designed to teach students about the process of technical editing. Students learn basic copyediting and proofreading skills to improve grammar, style, and form; and substantive editing to clarify document content and organization. Emphasis is placed on making editorial decisions based on document audience and purpose. The course examines the role of an editor in document production, from conceptualization, writing, editing, and reviewing to production and distribution. We examine the skills necessary for effective editor-author relationships and for effective management of the publications process.
TCO 630. Managing People and Projects
TCO 476 A study of the best current methods for establishing and managing technical communication organizations, including international and multi-cultural work teams. Topics include developing virtual teams, cross-disciplinary work teams, and international considerations.
TCO 660. Informationa Design
Design of information for many audiences, purposes, and modes of delivery. Emphasis on writing and developing information for the Web or online delivery, for single sourcing, and for multiple audiences including international ones. Attention to visual graphical design..
TCO 665. Instructional Design
Designing information products for teaching, training, or instruction using a systematic method. Course includes foundations in cognition and learning theory. Topics include designing for delivery in person, on CD, computer-based training (CBT), Web-based training, etc. Class consists of lecture, seminars, and a senior capstone course that focuses on a topic of significance in the future of technical communication. Through research and presentations, students generate a body of knowledge and identify critical issues related to the future of technical communication.
Other Courses I Have Taught

EGR 101, Methods of Engineering I
EGR 101, Freshman Engineering Honors
EGR 102, Methods of Engineering II
EGR 103, Methods of Engineering III
EGR 105, Introduction to Engineering
EGR 107 Introduction to Engineering Design
EGR 201, Sophomore Engineering Honors
EGR 298, Engineering Seminar
UNV 101, Freshman Experience
TCO 280, Introduction to Technical Communication
TCO 351, Reports and Proposals
TCO 476, Communication in Hi-Tech Environments
TCO 491, Instructional Technology and Systems Design
TCO 491, Instructional Technology Applications
TCO 632, Knowledge Management
TCO 685, Project Research
TCO 691, Instructional Technology
TCO 691, International Technical Communication
BIO 615, Comparative Anatomy
BIO 615L, Comparative Anatomy Laboratory


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