Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, GA
September 12 - November 2, 2008
Documented by Craig Coleman
Andrew Andrew2 Bethany Bethany2 Bethany3 Bethany4 Bethany5
Bethany6 Bethany7 Bethany8 Bethany9 Bridget Bridget2 Briget3
Chris Chris2 Didi Didi2 Didi3 Emily Ernesto
Ernesto2 Ernesto3 Greg Greg2 John Katerie Katerie2
Katerie3 Katerie4 Katy Katy10 Katy11 Katy12 Katy13
Katy14 Katy15 Katy16 Katy17 Katy18 Katy2 Katy3
Katy4 Katy5 Katy6 Katy7 Katy8 Katy9 Megan
Megan2 Megan3 Megan4 Megan5 Melanie Melissa Melissa2
Melissa3 Mike Mike2 Mike3 Mike4 Mike5 Mike6
Nana Nana2 Peter Peter2 Roger Roger2 Roger3
Roger4 Roger5 Sean_Miller Sean_Miller10 Sean_Miller11 Sean_Miller12 Sean_Miller2
Sean_Miller3 Sean_Miller4 Sean_Miller5 Sean_Miller6 Sean_Miller7 Sean_Miller8 Sean_Miller9
Sean_Taylor Sean_Taylor2 Sean_Taylor3 Sean_Taylor4 Steve Ted Terry
Terry2 Tim Todd Todd2 Todd3    

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