MERGE VISUAL - list of artists
Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, GA
September 12 - November 2, 2008
Documented by Craig Coleman

Roger Beebe
Didi Dunphy
Gerald Habarth
Patrick Holbrook
Megan Jacobs
Chris Pearce
Preston Poe
Robert Schaller
Rick Silva
Donna Stack
Lee Whittier      
Ted Apel Melissa Borman Steve Breaux Eric Daine and Bridget Fox Didi Dunphy
Katerie Gladdys Ernesto Gomez Emily Gomez Connie Hwang
Megan Jacobs
Andrew Kaufman Timothy Keating Kristen Lucas
Terry Maker
Sean Miller
Michael Murphy Katy Olmsted
Nana Rausch Chris Rogers Peter Stemmler
Bethany Taylor

Sean Taylor and Mikael Fernstrom

Greg Watts
Melanie Walker and George Peters
John Lytle Wilson

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