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Syllabus for SSE 550

Object-Oriented Design I

Fall Semester 2011 (11F)



Textbooks and Supplies:

Texts (including web sites):

(Read the Important Note (below the list of texts) before you buy! Three books are listed as "required", but only one is required; which text is required depends on your choice of language.)

Important Note : Pick one language (from Java, C#, or C++) to do both SSE 550 Object-Oriented Design I and SSE 554 Object-Oriented Design II; then choose the text required for SSE 550 for that language.

If you have a strong reason to choose one particular language, do choose that language. If you don't, choose C++. C++ is the most challenging of the three choices, but also opens the most doors, for example, into General Purpose Programming on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU).

Take a look at the survey Tiobe survey , and sum the C and C++ percentages. (You will learn a lot of C by studying C++ in 550 and 554).

Also take a look at Programming Language Popularity , for several other looks at language popularity.


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Software (including web sites):

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Other Useful Resources (including web sites):

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Catalog Description (Course Purpose):

This is a beginning course in object-oriented development. It may be taken in one of several object-oriented languages, e.g., C#, Java, or C++.

This Online Learning course begins on August 23, 2011.

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Course Objectives:

Breadth and Depth in Defining, Analyzing, and Solving Complex Problems:

Communicate Technical Aspects of the Solution for Complex Software Engineering Problems to a Technical Audience:

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SSE graduate standing or permission of the SSE graduate chair.

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Class Location:

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Percent of Term Grade
Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Listserv contributions

Credit will be given only for original work.

Listserv Contributions

More information about grading is contained in the General Project Rubric .

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Additional Information:

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Changes to this Syllabus:

There will be changes to this syllabus, so check back frequently, and don't forget to hit "Reload" or "Refresh".


Schedule of Events and Assignments:

Start Date
End Date
August 23, 2011 December 12, 2011 Course in Progress
August 23, 2011 September 19, 2011 Work on Project 1

September 19, 2011 Project 1 due.

October 17, 2011 Project 2 due.

December 12, 2011 Project 3 due.
  December 12, 2011 Course ends. Firm date.




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Contact Information

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Important Additional Information:

"Students requiring accommodations for a disability should inform the instructor at the close of the first class meeting or as soon as possible. The instructor will refer you to the Disability Support Services Coordinator to document your disability, determine eligibility for accommodations under the ADAAA/Section 504 and to request a Faculty Accommodation Form. Disability accommodations or status will not be indicated on academic transcripts. In order to receive accommodations in a class, students with sensory, learning, psychological, physical or medical disabilities must provide their instructor with a Faculty Accommodation Form to sign. Students must return the signed form to the Disability Services Coordinator. A new form must be requested each semester. Students with a history of a disability, perceived as having a disability or with a current disability who do not wish to use academic accommodations are also strongly encouraged to register with the Disability Services Coordinator and request a Faculty Accommodation Form each semester. For further information, please contact Carole Burrowbridge, Disability Services Coordinator, at 301-2778 or visit the Disability Support Services website at" * (10/09)

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