Associate Professor
Dr. Sheng-Chiang (John) Lee
Science & Engineering Building 206
Phone: 478-301-2599

Teaching I am an experimental physicist, who enjoy studying physics and making physics sensible to you. I was born in Taiwan and came to United States for graduate study in University of Maryland. In Maryland, I used microwaves extensively, not just to cook, but to study electromagnetic properties of superconductors. ^_^

After graduating from Maryland, I went ahead to University of Florida for post-doctoral research, where I again used microwaves to flip spins and study magnetic resonance phenomena of electrons in exotic materials. This technique is closely related to technologies such as NMR and MRI in medical practices.

Since arriving at Mercer, I have been working with Dr. Peters on designing sensors for different applications. With Dr. Peters' knowledge of his patented capacitive sensor, I developed a new variant of the capacitive sensor, which is ideal for nano-positioning when long travel range is also desired. This work has led to a publication in Review of Scientific Instrument, as well as a patent pending.

We also developed a program which enables us to use an ordinary optical mouse to track the motion of a pendulum (or other small enough motions). Details of these works can be found on my Research; the program can be downloaded from there as well.

Currently, I am developing a microwave system for Scanning Microwave Microscopy, as well as for scalar microwave characterizations of various materials. The project will benefit researches involving studies of AC electromagnetic properties of materials, magnetic resonances in solids at microwave frequencies, and much more. If you are interested in research related to or even beyond the above fields, and would like to involve in projects that demand the best out of you, you are more than welcome to contact me.

Nevertheless, I found my passion in teaching long time ago, and it is still growing. It is why I come to Mercer to meet you all. I look forward to learning together with you in Mercer!

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