Fall 2013

PHY 162 This course is the 2nd semester of a calculus-based general physics course. The lab component is now integrated with this course, but is not taught by me in this semester. Students will learn the phenomena and physical principles of Electricity and Magnetism, and if time allows, waves and optics. Since almost all physical principles are expressed in mathematical forms, students will need sufficient knowledge and fluency in algebra and conceptual calculus to succeed in this class.
 PHY 340

Course Taught

  PHY 141 - 1st semester of algebra-based introductory physics series.
  PHY 161 - 1st semester of calculus-based general physics series.
  PHY 121L - Laboratory component of PHY 141/161.
  PHY 142 - 2nd semester of algebra-based introductory physics series.
  PHY 142L -  Laboratory component of PHY 142.
  PHY 162 - 2nd semester of calculus-based introductory physics series.
  PHY 162L - Laboratory component of PHY 162.
  PHY 300 - Physics seminar.
This course is a weekly physics seminar course presented mostly by Mercer faculty and invited speakers. Students are required to give at least one seminar talk in the semester.
  PHY 330 - Thermal Physiccs
  PHY 335 - Solid State Devices
  PHY 340 - Classical Mechanics
  PHY 355 - Electrodynamic Theory
  PHY 385 - Computational Physics
  SCI 105 - Scientific Inquiry.
This course is an introduction of science in a broader sense, including examples drawn from the natural, behavioral and social sciences. The course investigates "science" in terms of its methodology, as well as activities in which human personalities play significant roles. Students will gain essential abilities to understand and evaluate scientific reports shown in daily news, as well as broader perspectives of science.

  PHY 141 PHY 161 PHY 121L PHY142 PHY 142L PHY 162 PHY 162L PHY 300 PHY 330 PHY 335 PHY 355 PHY 385 PHY 420 SCI 105 UNV 101
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