Ballard-Hudson High School
Bivins v. Board of Education
Central High School

Desegregating Bibb County Schools

One of the pivotal events in the civil rights movement was the Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education overturning segregation. Enforcing the decision took many years, many more court cases, and the efforts of many people. Bibb County schools were finally integrated in 1970, but public schools have been resegregated in recent years.

This exhibit describes the effects of school integration from three perspectives.


Ballard-Hudson High School: When Bibb County schools were segregated, black students attended Ballard-Hudson. Originally started during Reconstruction, it was one of the best African American schools in the South.

Oral history with Dr. Thomas Duval


Bivins v. Board of Education: The Bivins family sued to enforce the desegregation of Bibb County schools, and their case in the court of federal judge Gus Bootle eventually led to school integration.

Oral history with Dr. Thelma Bivins Dillard


Central High School: In 1970, when Judge Bootle's order final went into effect, Macon's schools where consolidated, and Central High School was one of the integrated schools that emerged from the process.

Oral history with Virgil Adams