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Ajay K. Banga, Ph.D.

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  2. Transdermal Delivery Laboratory 

      Selected Research Projects

Pfizer (New York, NY)

  • Microneedles alone or in combination with other enhancement techniques for transdermal delivery of proteins

  • Enhancement methods for transdermal delivery of proteins

Abbott/AbbVie Laboratories (Abbott Park, IL)

  • Permeation enhancement of a hormonal gel

GlaxoSmithKline (Parsipanny, NJ)

  • In vitro release testing and intradermal/transdermal delivery
  • Topical delivery of pharmaceuticals & herbals
  • Intradermal/topical and transdermal product development
  • Skin permeation of drugs
  • Iontophoretic transdermal delivery of drugs
  • Transdermal delivery of drugs - issues and innovations
  • Skin permeation of H2-receptor antagonist

Johnson & Johnson

  • Skin permeation studies


  • In-Home Deactivation Systems for Psychoactive Drugs, National Institute of Drug Abuse, PI Dr. Andrew G. Korey, Verde Environmental Technologies, Inc. Funded as a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research Grant to develop/improve a commercial product to safely dispose of unused medications in households

Merck Millipore (Germany)

  • Use of polyvinyl alcohol in transdermal patches 

Solvay Pharmaceuticals (Marietta, GA)

  • Skin permeation studies of drug formulations

Solvay Pharmaceuticals B.V. (the Netherlands)

  • Screening of therapeutic chemical/biological entities for transdermal and/or iontophoretic delivery

Agile Therapeutics (Princeton, NJ)

  • Formulation factors affecting skin permeation of hormones from a Transdermal patch

Travanti Pharma (Teikoku Pharma;  MN)

  • Modulated drug delivery through skin by iontophoresis and sampling by microdialysis
  • Modulated transdermal drug delivery by iontophoresis
  • Enhanced in vivo transdermal drug delivery by iontophoresis
  • Analysis of medication disposal kits designed to deactivate unused, residual, or expired medications, Travanti Pharma Inc.

Murty Pharmaceuticals (Lexington, KY)

  • In vivo transdermal delivery of tetrahydrocannabinol formulations
  • Transdermal delivery of tetrahydro-cannabinol

Skin Medica (Carlsbad, CA)

  • Formulation development, skin irritation, and efficacy characterization of cosmeceuticals 

  • Strategies to increase and measure dermal levels of cosmeceuticals 

  • Enhancement strategies for delivery of cosmeceuticals

  • Formulation development, stability testing, and delivery of skin lightening agents

Transport Pharmaceuticals (Framingham, MA)

  • Transdermal drug delivery by a combination of microneedles and iontophoresis

  • Evaluation of terbinafine and other drug cartridges for iontophoretic release and transdermal delivery 

  • Evaluation of acyclovir formulations in iontophoretic drug cartridges
  • Evaluation of drugs for iontophoretic delivery to control acne and psoriasis

Altea Therapeutics (Atlanta, GA)

  • Transdermal delivery of proteins and peptides by thermal microporation
  • Transdermal delivery of Small molecules by thermal microporation
  • Delivery of parathyroid hormone through microporated skin
  • Enhanced insulin delivery by microporation and other active energy based flux enhancement
  • Enhanced in vivo insulin delivery by microporation and other active energy based flux enhancement
  • Enhanced in vitro insulin delivery by microporation and other active energy based flux enhancement
  • Delivery of pDNA and protein antigens through microporated skin
  • Formulation and delivery of interferon





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