Grant Writing

Notes from the 1999 San Antonio Project NExT Panel Discussion

The Experts:
Lloyd Douglass--NSF
Carole LaCampagne--DOE
Billy Rundell--Texas A&M
Jean Taylor--AWM
Elaine Terry--St. Joseph's and NExT silver dot.
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Lloyd Douglas has been at the National Science Foundation since 1984. Though he hasn't ever written a grant, this past year alone he read 418 proposals and close to two thousand reviews.

Inspiration: Finding what grants exist

"Your creativity should be unlimited."
One can submit grants that are not in direct response to program announcements and solicitations. Contact your program officer.

Advice on getting help and planning the proposal Writing the proposal Staying in touch

Carole LaCampagne is at the US Department of Education in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement. Her e-mail address is

Proposal Structure

Information Tips for Reviewers
  1. Read with a purpose.
  2. Focus on information related to the criteria.
  3. Skim over nonessential information.
  4. Concentrate on key words/phrases.
  5. Read critically.
  6. Read quickly.
  7. Don't try to memorize.
  8. Take notes, if necessary.
  9. Relax and clear your mind of personal concerns.
  10. Minimize distraction.
List of some Programs

Billy Rundell is an experienced grant writer and professor at Texas A&M.
He suggests reading Advice and Good Living to New PhDs by John Ewing.


Jean Taylor is president-elect of the AWM (Association for Women in Mathematics).


The Proposal List of some AWM Funding Opportunities

Elaine Terry is a project NExT silver dot at St. Joseph's University who has applied for two grants and has been funded.

Grant #1: AWM Sonya Kovalevsky Day Grant
Elaine found out about the grant from the AWM newsletter. It was easy for her to write, because it was short. It took about 10 days to write the 5 page proposal. The program proposed included a follow-up questionaire. Because the grant is a reimbursement grant, it was necessary to locate and work with an office at St. Joseph's that would front the money.

Grant #2: St. Joseph's University College of Arts and Sciences
This grant allows $2,500 to be placed in the department's budget for use in infusing diversity into the department. The 5 page grant took 10-14 days to write, and contained four sections: introduction, goals, budget, and expected outcomes.

Grants should include:

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