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Curriculum Vita

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics, Science, and Information Systems
College of Continuing and Professional Studies
Mercer University
Macon, GA 31207
Telephone: 678-547-6565

University of Georgia, Athens, GA
Ph.D., Geology, 2003
Dissertation: Geochemical Analysis of Glass and Glazes from Hasanlu, Northwestern Iran: Constraints on Manufacturing Technology
Advisor: Dr. Samuel E. Swanson

University of Texas, Austin, TX
M.A., Geology, 1991
Thesis: Igneous-Textured Mafic Xenoliths from the Sullivan Buttes Latite in Chino Valley, Arizona: investigation of the chemistry and genesis of unusual inclusions in 20 million year old volcanic rocks
Advisor: Dr. Doug Smith

Macalester College, St. Paul, MN
B.A., Geology (major), Mathematics (minor), 1986

Assistant Professor, Physical Sciences, and Science Coordinator
Department of Mathematics, Science, and Information Systems
Mercer University, Atlanta, GA, 2003-present
Courses Taught
Earth Systems Science
Physical Aspects of the Environment
Physical Systems
Methods of Scientific Investigation

Curriculum Development
Designed two new courses (Earth Systems Science, Physical Systems) to address needs of education majors and to enhance science literacy for general education core. This included developing new syllabi and laboratory exercises that focus on performing experiments, collecting data, and drawing conclusions from that data.

Adjunct Professor, Science
Tift College of Education Graduate School, Mercer University, Atlanta, GA
Courses Taught
Geology for Teachers
Geoscience for Teachers
Physical Science for Teachers

Curriculum Development
Designed new course (Geoscience for Teachers) that is aligned with Georgia Department of Education Performance Standards and the learning needs of in-service and pre-service science education graduate students.

Teaching Assistant
Department of Geology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 2000-2002
Department of Geological Sciences, University of Texas, Austin, TX, 1988-1990
Prepared exercises, short lectures, quizzes, and exams for laboratory classes:
Introductory Geology
Igneous Petrology
Analytical Instruments
Earth Materials (Mineralogy)
Earth Processes (Petrology)

Academic and Study-Skills Tutor
Learning Skills Center, Macalester College, St. Paul, MN, 1984-1986
Tutored students in:
Introductory Chemistry
Introductory Physics

Geology, environmental science, earth systems science, meteorology, astronomy, geoscience for education majors, archaeological science.

Georgia Governor's Teaching Fellowship, Athens, GA, August, 2006-May, 2007
Designing Effective and Innovative Courses in the Geosciences, on-line, sponsored by NSF and National Association of Geoscience Teachers, 31 July-4 August, 2006

Science pedagogy and non-traditional students
Ancient glass history and archaeological science

Mercer University SEED: 2009 – 10: Motivation, Knowledge, and Retention in Science Courses, $3440.

Mercer University SEED: 2009 – 2010: co-recipient with Dr. Feng Liu (primary researcher), Assistant Professor, Information Systems (Department of Mathematics, Science, and Information Systems), “Augmented Reality Environment for Science Study”, $3500.

Mercer University AIM proposal: Mercer Center for Preschool Mathematics, Science and Health Education, Dr. Robert Lawrence (PI). I am a participating faculty member, $35,000.

Grants received during graduate school: Dorot Foundation Travel Grant, International Commission on Glass, Geological Society of America Student Research Grant, Southeastern Geological Society of America Travel Grants, UGA Graduate School Doctoral Research Award, UGA Research Foundation, UGA Geology Department Research and Travel Grants, University of Texas Michael Bruce Duchin Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Scientific Research Assistant
Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY, 1998

Scientific Officer, Geologist
British Museum, London, U.K., 1992-1997

Electron Microprobe Laboratory Manager
Department of Geology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, Summers 2000-2002

Research Assistant, electron microprobe lab
Department of Geological Sciences, University of Texas, Austin, TX, 1990-1991

Laboratory Assistant, SEM lab
Department of Geology, Macalester College, St. Paul, MN, 1986-1987

Committee member: Tenure, Promotion, and Review; College Executive; Curriculum; Assessment and Planning; Faculty Welfare and Development; Faculty House of Delegates; Library, Media, and Technology; faculty hiring
Science program activities: course development, faculty workshops, new faculty and adjunct mentor
Administration: Science Coordinator (course scheduling, science budgeting), Supervisor
Henry RAC and Douglas RAC laboratory personnel

Geological Society of America, 1999-present
International Commission on Glass Committee 17: Archaeometry of Glass, 1999-present
Mineralogical Society of America, 1988-2008
Society for Archaeological Sciences, 1999-present; Secretary-Treasurer, 2003-2006
International Association for the History of Glass, 2001-2006
Materials Research Society, 2001-2003
American Schools of Oriental Research, 2002-2003
UGA Association for Archaeological Geology, President: 1999-2002
UGA Chapter of Sigma Gamma Epsilon National Earth Sciences Honor Society, Vice-President: 2000-2001, President: Spring, 2000

University of Georgia Department of Geology Advisory Board, 2009-present
Atlanta Audubon Society, volunteer
Georgia Science Olympiad, Georgia Perimeter College, 2006
Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Atlanta, volunteer 2003-2004

Association for Archaeological Geology, Athens, GA, 1999-2002. speakers program.

Early Materials Forum, U.K., 1997. -organizer for national forum for young researchers in British archaeological science.

Pottery in the Making, British Museum, London, U.K., 1997. in organization of abstract submissions, registration, poster session.
Book and book chapters in press or accepted
Glass and Glaze Analysis and Technology (in press ) C. P. Stapleton, in Hasanlu: Period IV, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press.

Chemical Analyses of Early Glasses, Vol. 3: Interpretations. R. H. Brill and . P. Stapleton, Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY. Project will continue through 2010.

Papers in press
Composition and origins of some Byzantine and early medieval enamel glasses (in press) I. C. Freestone, S. G. E. Bowman, and C. P. Stapleton, in (D. Buckton, editor) Catalogue of Medieval Enamels in the British Museum: Volume I, London, British Museum Press.

Chemical Analyses of Some Enamels from Teramo (submitted) R. H. Brill and C. P. Stapleton, in (C. Seccaroni, ed.) Teramo Enamels.

Papers published
Composition and Production of Anglo-Saxon Glass (2008) I. C. Freestone, M. J. Hughes and C. P. Stapleton, in V. I. Evison (ed.), Catalogue of Anglo-Saxon Glass Vessels in the British Museum. London, British Museum Press, pp. 29-46.

Analysis of the Enamels (2006) C. P. Stapleton, in (I. M. Stead, editor) British Iron Age Swords and Scabbards, London, British Museum Press, pp. 129-130.

History of Glass from the 4th Millennium B.C. to the Mid-1st Millennium B.C. (2006) C. P. Stapleton. in Glass Science in Art and Conservation, Portugal, 19-23 September, 2005, Conference Proceedings, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon and Marinha Grande, Portugal.

The Raw Materials Used to Colour 11th - 9th c BC Blue Transparent Glazes from Hasanlu, Iran (2005) C. P. Stapleton, S. E. Swanson, and A. M. Ghazi, in (H. Kars and E. Burke, eds.) Journal of Geoarchaeological and Bioarchaeological Studies: Proceedings of the 33rd International Symposium on Archaeometry, 22-26 April 2002, pp. 265-268.

The Production of Red Glass and Enamel in the Late Iron Age, Roman and Byzantine Periods (2003) I. C. Freestone, C. P. Stapleton, and V. Rigby, in (C. Entwistle, editor) Through a Glass Brightly - Studies in Byzantine and Medieval Art and Archaeology presented to David Buckton. Oxbow, pp. 142-154.

Chemical analyses of glass artifacts from Iron Age levels of Hasanlu, northwestern Iran (2002) C. P. Stapleton and S. E. Swanson, Journal of Glass Technology, v. 43C, pp. 151-157.

The Byzantine glazed pottery from Deir ‘Ain ‘Abata (2001) I. C. Freestone, K. D. Politis, and C. P. Stapleton, in (E. Villeneuve et P. M. Watson, editors) La ceramique byzantine et proto-islamique en Syrie-Jordanie (IVe-VIIIe siecles apr. J.-C.), Actes du colloque tenu a Amman les 3, 4 et 5 decembre 1994, Bibliotheque Archeologique et Historique, tome 159, Beyrouth, IFAPO, 197-205.

Early polychrome glazes on a Chinese ceramic bead from the Warring States Period (1999) N. Wood, I. C. Freestone, and C. P. Stapleton, in (Guo Jingkun, ed.) International Symposium on Ancient Ceramics: Scientific and technological insights, Shanghai, China.

Composition and origin of early Medieval opaque red enamel from Britain and Ireland (1999) C. P. Stapleton, I. C. Freestone, and S. G. E. Bowman, Journal of Archeological Sciences, v. 26, 913-921.

Composition and technology of Islamic enamelled glass of the thirteenth-fourteenth centuries (1998) I. C. Freestone and C. P. Stapleton, in (R. Ward, editor) Gilded and Enamelled Glass from the Middle East, Origins, Innovations and Influences, London, British Museum Press, 122-128.

The faience ornament fragment, its technology and provenance (1997) S. G. E. Bowman and C. P. Stapleton, in (I. Greig, editor) Excavation of a Bronze Age Settlement at Varley Halls, Coldean Lane, Brighton, Sussex Archaeological Collections 135, 44-47.

Some technological parallels between Chinese Yue wares and Korean Koryo celadons (1995) N. Wood, I. C. Freestone and C. P. Stapleton, in (P. Vincenzini, editor) Ceramics Cultural Heritage Proceedings of the International Symposium, The Ceramic Heritage of the 8th CIMTEC-World Ceramics Congress and Forum on New Materials, Florence, Italy, June 28-July 2, 1994, Monographs in Materials and Society 2, 175-182.

Corinthium aes and black bronze in the early medieval period (1995) C. P. Stapleton, S. G. E. Bowman, P. T. Craddock, S. LaNiece, and S. Youngs, Antiquaries Journal, v. 75, 383-390.

Using Technology to Create Effective Natural Science Learning Environments for Working Adult Learners, C. P. Stapleton, P. Danheiser, H. Q. Khoury, Math and Science Symposium. Knoxville, TN, 14-16 October 2007.

Adjustments to Teaching Geoscience in a Classroom of Adult Students, C. P. Stapleton, Geological Society of America Southeastern Section Meeting, Biloxi, MS, 17-18 March 2005.

History of Glass from the 4th Millennium BC to the Mid-1st Millennium BC, C. P. Stapleton, Glass Science in Art and Conservation, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, 19-23 September 2005.

Geochemical Analysis of Ancient Glass from Hasanlu, Iran, C. P. Stapleton, UGA Department of Geology Journal Club, 10 April 2003.

Glass Production in the Near East During the Late Ninth Century B.C., C. P. Stapleton and S. E. Swanson, abstract, American Schools of Oriental Research, Toronto, Canada, 20-23 November 2002.

Application of geological methods to understanding archaeological high alkali glasses manufactured during the 9th c. BC, C. P. Stapleton and S. E. Swanson, abstract, Materials Research Society Annual Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, 26-30 November 2001.

Composition and technology of early Roman mosaic vessel glass, C. P. Stapleton, abstract, Annales de l'Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre, International Association for the History of Glass, New York and Corning, NY, 15-20 October, 2001.

Chemical analyses of glass artifacts from Iron Age levels of Hasanlu, northwestern Iran, C. P. Stapleton and S. E. Swanson, abstract, XIX International Congress on Glass, Edinburgh, UK, 1-6 July 2001.

Comparison of weak acid extraction chemistry and electron microprobe analysis of paste compositions for a suite of colonoware pottery, Broom Hall Plantation, Charleston, South Carolina, Michael Smith, Colleen P. Stapleton, and Michael Trinkley (2001). Geol. Soc. America Abstr. with Programs, v. 33, no. 2, A31.

Petrographic studies of the provenance and technology of Weeden Island elite wares from the Kolomoki Mound Site, Georgia, USA, W. W. Weaver and C. P. Stapleton, abstract, Proceedings of the 32nd International Archaeometry Symposium, Mexico City, Mexico, 15-19 May 2000.

Early Christian Celtic opaque red glass, C. P. Stapleton, S. G. E. Bowman, and I. C. Freestone, abstract, Archaeological Sciences, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 4-6 July 1995.

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