Mercer University (Fall 1998- Fall 2003)

   EGR 252: Applications of Engineering Mathematics
   EGR 312: Engineering Economy
   EGR/ISE 370: Manufacturing and Management/Manufacturing Processes I
   ISE/IDM 288: Introduction to Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing   

                         Engineering/Introduction to Industrial Management and 

   ISE 311: Ergonomics and Work Measurement
   ISE 327: Statistical Process and Quality Control
   ISE 352: Design of Experiments
   ISE 355: Quality Management I
   ISE 403: Management Science II
   ISE 424: Computer Assisted Manufacturing Systems
   ISE 426: Computer Integrated Manufacturing
   ISE 429: Robotics
   ISE 460: Facilities Planning and Design
   ISE 482: Industrial Engineering Capstone Design Experience
   ISE 491: Special Topics - Reliability and Maintainability
   ISE 491: Special Topics – Manufacturing: Reverse Engineering

   EMG 555/MAE691: World Class Manufacturing
   ETM/MAE 692 Advanced Manufacturing Systems
   ECE 691: Special Topics in Electrical Engineering
   ETM655/MAE693: Manufacturing Management

Lab In-charge/Development:
   Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Lab, 1998-present

Federal University of Santa Maria (Fall 1995 – Spring 1998)


   Advanced Production Engineering
   Concurrent Engineering
   Industrial Automation
   Quality Systems II
   Total Quality Control
   Design of Experiments and Taguchi Methods
   Reliability Engineering

Summer 1992 & 1993 - Graduate:
   Flexible Manufacturing Systems
   Quality and Productivity
   Statistical Process Control
   Forecasting and Time Series Analysis

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Summer 1991)

   Quality Control and Reliability Engineering
   Industrial Automation

Marquette University (Fall 1989 – Spring 1995)

   INEN 152: Fundamentals of Industrial Engineering
   INEN 154: Engineering Economy
   INEN 156: Production Planning and Inventory Control
   INEN 159: Topics in Industrial Engineering – Feedback Control Systems
   INEN 159B: Operations Research II
   INEN 163: Applied Robotics
   INEN 165: Stochastic Models in Operations Research

   Advanced Production Engineering
   Advanced Manufacturing Processes
   Computer Integrated Manufacturing
   Concurrent Engineering and Design for Manufacture
   Quality Systems Engineering
   Topics in Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Lab Development:
   Advanced Manufacturing Center for Graduate Teaching and Research,


San Diego State University
(Fall 1986 – Spring 1989)

   ME 390: Engineering Systems Lab: Introduction (Theory)
   ME 390: Engineering Systems: Vibration Lab (Lab))
   ME 395: Engineering Systems Lab: Applications (Theory)
   ME 490A: Engineering Design Senior Project
   ME 490B: Engineering Design Senior Project
   ME 499: Special Study
   ME 516: Engineering Design: Mechanisms
   ME 542: Production Engineering (Distance Learning)
   ME 544: Advanced Manufacturing Processes
   ME 546: Computer Aided Manufacturing (Distance Learning)
   ME 596: Robotics: Computer Interfacing and Control

   ME 621A: Mechanical Vibrations
   ME 621B: Random Vibrations
   ME 797: Research
   ME 798: Special Study
   ME 799A/B: Thesis

Lab Development:
   Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Center for Teaching and Research,

University of Utah (Fall 1984 – Spring 1986)

   101-01: Introduction to Industrial Engineering
   301-01: Engineering Materials and Processes
   301L-01: Engineering Materials and Processes Lab
   310-01: Engineering Statistics
   417-01: Production Systems II
   417L-01: Production Systems Lab
   512-R: Operations Research II

   605-R: Advanced Production Engineering
   610-R: Industrial Statistics
   679-R: Forecasting and Time Series Analysis

Lab Development:
   Robotics Lab for Teaching and Research, 1984-86
   Software Lab for Production Systems II, 1984-86

Federal University of Santa Maria (Fall 1977 – Spring 1984)

   Numerical Control of Machine Tools (Theory and Lab)

   Production Systems I
   Production Management
   Production Planning and Control
   Statistical Quality Control
   Inventory Control
   Applied Statistics
   Forecasting and Time Series Analysis

Lab Development:
   Metrology and Machine Tool Labs – Research on Quality Control and  

   Manufacturing, 1977-84

University of Madras, College of Engineering (1973-74)

   Machine Tool Laboratory

   Work Study
   Operations Research
   Production Planning and Control

Lab Development:
   Machine Tool Lab – Graduate Students Research on Manufacturing, 1973-74