Courses taught at Mercer University, Macon, GA

EGR 107: Introduction to Engineering Design
Prerequisite: Be a fully admitted student in the School of Engineering or have the written permission of the dean.
Systematic procedures for engineering design. Student teams pursue a design project that incorporates problem identifications, information gathering, development of alternative solutions, merit analysis, decision presentation, implementation, testing, and redesign. Students practice skills in preparing the presenting a variety of engineering-related written and oral reports.

EGR/MAT 191L: Calculus I Lab
Corequisite: MAT 191.
A computer laboratory course with applications supplementing MAT 191.   Topics include: A study of functions involving limits, continuity, derivatives, and antiderivatives; the definite integral and Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

EGR/MAT 192L: Calculus II Lab
Corequisite: MAT 192.
A computer laboratory course with applications supplementing MAT 192.   Topics include: Methods of numerical integration, applications of the definite integral, techniques of anti-differentiation, improper integrals, infinite series, differential equations, and polar coordinates.

EVE 384: Hydraulics and Hydrology
Prerequisite: EVE 290
Fundamentals aspects of pipe flow, free surface flow and unsteady flow for hydraulic systems. Introduction to hydrologic principles, including hydrologic cycle, watersheds, drainage basins, subsurface and ground water flow.

EVE 384: Engineering Hydraulics
Prerequisite: EVE 290.
Introduction to hydrostatics, fluid motion, continuity, momentum, and energy applications. Applications to pipe networks and hydraulic systems. Modeling of water distribution systems and wastewater collection systems.

EVE 385: Engineering Hydrology
Prerequisite: EVE 290.
Precipitation, evaporation, consumptive use, infiltration, stream flow, flood routing; statistical analysis of hydrological data, flood an drought forecasting, risk analysis; and introduction to urban drainage design; and modeling of hydrologic

EVE 420: Solid Waste System Design
Prerequisite: CHM 111, EVE 290, and EGR 235
Chemical, mechanical, and biological equipment and instrumentation for the processing and disposal of solid wastes are studied and designed. Handling and recycling of conventional, household and industrial wastes, including energy conversion. Special requirements for hazardous and toxic wastes. Economic values and costs impacts. Government and EPA regulations regarding generation and disposal of wastes on local, state, and national level. Plant trips and design projects.

EVE 421: Advanced Solid Waste Management

EVE 445L: Senior Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Prerequisites: Senior standing; EVE 402; EVE 405 and EVE 420.
An introduction to environmental laboratory analyses, including those for determining physical, chemical, and microbiological characteristics of water and wastewater. Design, conduct, and analyze experiments using modern techniques, skills and tools. Unit operations commonly employed in industry will be evaluated.

EVE 490: Groundwater Hydrology
Prerequisite: EVE 385.
Application of mathematical models for chemical movement in soils and groundwater to evaluate soil and groundwater pollutant behavior; discussion of remediation techniques; design of subsurface monitoring networks; case studies in groundwater pollution.

EVE 491: Technical Elective - Open Channel Flow, Groundwater Hydrology, Contaminant Fate and Transport

EVE 492: Technical Elective - Geotechnical Engineering

Courses taught at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

ENV 4202L - Chemical Process Control Laboratory (1 credit, Fall 1992)
Instructor for the laboratory component of this course. The course covered engineering design measurements and analysis of chemical systems in environmental to control treatment processes such as softening, coagulation, disinfection, stabilization, and others. Responsibilities included set-up of experiments, preparation of laboratory equipment and reagents, and supervision of students during the lab sessions.

ENV 4341 - Solid Waste Management (3 credits, Spring 1994 to Spring 1999)
A senior course in the civil and environmental engineering department which covered design, planning, and analysis problems associated with the storage, collection, processing, and disposal of solid and hazardous wastes. Course content included internet access to class handouts, lecture materials, assignments, and on-line homework and quizzes.

CWR 6125 - Groundwater Hydrology (3 credits, Spring 1999)
A graduate course in the civil and environmental engineering department which covered theories of groundwater movement, geological factors, analysis and design techniques, etc. Practical considerations were emphasized.