EGR 107
EGR 108
EGR 232
EGR 233
MAE 205
MAE 310
MAE 320
MAE 406
MAE 427

EGR 107 : Introduction to Engineering Design
Prerequisite: Be a fully admitted student in the School of Engineering or have the written permission of the dean.
Systemic procedures for engineering design. Student teams pursue a design project that incorporates problem identification, information gathering, development of alternative solution, merit analysis, decision presentation, implementation, testing, and redesign. Students practice skills in preparing and presenting a variety of engineering-related written and oral reports.
EGR 108: Professional Practices
Prerequisite: Be a fully admitted student in the School of Engineering or have the written permission of the dean.
In a seminar format, small groups explore the history of engineering, engineering ethics, and the impact of engineering practice in the context of society. Critical reading and thinking skills are developed through extensive readings and discussions of relevant engineering, social sciences, and humanities topics. Students gain fluency in preparing and presenting the results of these discussions, both in written and oral format.
EGR 232: Statics/Solid Mechanics
Corequisite: MAT 192, PHY 161
Equilibrium of concurrent force systems. Stress, strain, and axial deformation. Hooke's Law. Rigid-body equilibrium. Stresses and deformation in shafts and beams. Shear and bending moment diagrams. Column buckling.
MAE 205: Visualization and Graphics
An introduction to engineering graphics and component visualization. Sketching, line drawing and an introduction to computer assisted drafting. Utilization of drawings in a manufacturing environment.
MAE 310 : Engineering Analysis for Mechanical Engineers
Prerequisites: EGR 126, MAT 293, MAT 330
Introduction to the solution of partial differential equations and numerical methods in mechanical engineering. Separation of variables, root finding, systems of simultaneous equations, numerical integration, matrix methods, finite difference methods.
MAE 320: Solid Mechanics II
Prerequisites: EGR 232, EGR 252, MAT 192
Stress, strain, axial deformation of statically determinate and indeterminate systems. Generalized Hooke's Law. Torsion, beam bending, shear stresses in beams, stress and strain transformation, beam deflections. Energy methods. Static and fatigue failure theories. Design of structural members: beams, columns, etc.
MAE 406: Introduction to Finite Element Analysis
Prerequisites: MAE 310, MAE 320
Corequisites: MAE 430

Introduction tot he theory of finite element analysis. Solutions for stress analysis, dynamic analysis, and heat transfer in two dimensions. computer implementation. Modeling and applications.
MAE 427: Solid Mechanics III
Prerequisites: MAE 310, MAE 320
Three dimensional stress at a point, compatibility equations, strain energy, plane stress, plane strain, mechanical behavior of materials, beam bending, torsion of prismatic bars, elastic foundations, elastic stability, energy methods.