Sensing with Optical Mouse

Students are welcome to discuss with me for potential research projects

Our intention is to investigate the potential of using an optical mouse that is commonly available as a sensing element in physical experiments. Due to the accessibility of optical mice, the project may provide high-schools and colleges with ready-to-use sensors for educational laboratories at no cost (just use the existing optical mice).

The first attempt is to use an optical mouse to track the motion of a pendulum. I wrote a LabView program to record the position reading from the mouse. The program also provides other functionalities, including different modes of data display and real-time filtering to eliminate the un-desired drift in mouse position. A paper with a detailed description of this work can be found on Dr. Peters website. If you are interested in trying out the program, you can download it by click here and save it to your local hard-drive. After extracting the file, please read the "instruction" document first. It provides a detailed explanation on installation and usage of the program. Please also kindly send me an e-mail to inform me your potential usage of this program. I would love to know where this little program has found home.

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