What I Believe

I believe in the only True and Triune God manifesting in the Heavenly Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who created the universe and all things in it.

I believe that ALL human beings have sinned against God,
and disgraced God's glory.
The result is our eternal separation from God and God's blessing.
Not only that we no longer have eternal lives,
but fall in to the bondage of sin and death.

I believe that the Son of the Triune God is the Word becoming flesh,
the Lord Jesus Christ, in the human history.

I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ was born of Mary,
who was a virgin when she conceived the child by the Holy Spirit.

I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only holy and righteous one in human history.
He committed no sins via any acts or thoughts in His time on earth.
His life is sinless and perfect.

I believe that the Salvation of Father's love and
Sacrifice of Son's becoming man and dying on the cross,
are for all human beings so that we may be free from the bondage of sin and death.

I believe that Jesus in history died on the cross for the human race.
It is because of His blood, I can be accepted by the Holy God.

I believe that Jesus in history was resurrected physically
on the third day after being crucified.
Because of His victory over the power of death,
I can share the eternal life in Him.

I believe that none of my deeds can bring me any closer to
the Salvation accomplished on the cross.
I am saved solely because of God's mercy and grace.

I believe that the Holy Spirit is with me,
as my comforter and guidance,
helping me to walk the road toward sanctification,
as promised by my Lord Jesus Christ.

I believe that the Holy Bible is inspired by God,
containing all revelations that God intends to tell us about Himself.

I believe that the Holy Bible fully and inerrantly reveals
the Triune God and His plan of Salvation to us.

I believe that Jesus is the only Way, Truth, and Life.
Only through Him can one turn to God and have the eternal blessing.

Hope; God's Promises

May my Lord Jesus Christ be the Master of my household.

May my Lord Jesus Christ's will be done in my life.

Whenever I am weak, may my Lord's glory be revealed,
so that I am not ashamed.

Whenever I am exhausted, may my Lord's promise be with me,
so that I would not stumble.

Whenever temptation comes,
may I claim the victory of my Lord Jesus over the evil.

May all glories be to the Almighty God.

Pledge: Living Sacrifice

All of my possessions are gifts from God.

My family, children, time and job ultimately all belong to God.

Therefore, I pledge, in all I do, I will seek after His heart and pray for ways to bring glory to Him.

In family, I will strive to be a Christ-like leader to my wife and children;

In work, I will strive to be a supportive colleague and a caring and encouraging teacher;

In communities, I will strive to be a living example of Christ followers,

who care about what God cares and follow Christ's example of servanthood.

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