Gail W. Johnson, Ed.D.Dr. Gail Johnson

Office: 478-301-5387 (Macon); 678-547-5387 (Atlanta)

Mercer University College of Continuing and Professional Studies
Macon and Atlanta, Georgia 2004 – Present
Assistant Dean for Administration/Visiting Assistant Professor July 2007 – Present
Director of New Adult Student Orientation Program August 2004 – June 2008
Director of Academic and Administrative Services August 2004 – June 2007
Areas of Responsibility
• Manage and monitor the College’s $5 million annual operating budget.
• Propose annual revenue and expense budgets for the College based on historical spending patterns and revenue projections. Allocate operating funds to nine department/unit accounts that include numerous sub-accounts.
• Conduct research to support planning, policy development and implementation, program and curriculum development and change, assessment, and the overall effectiveness and performance of the College.
• Advise adult students who have not declared a major and those who were provisionally admitted to the College.
• Teach a Research Methods in Social Science course and a Foundations of Leadership course to adult learners who are enrolled in the human services, criminal justice, and organization leadership undergraduate programs. The courses are offered in an accelerated, hybrid, and online format.
• Compile, analyze, interpret, and report enrollment and revenue data on a continuous basis to the dean, department chairs, program coordinators, and faculty.
• Conduct research to assess student needs, expectations, and satisfaction. Analyze survey data and report findings to the dean, department chairs, and faculty.
• Coordinate the development of transfer articulation agreements with department chairs and the University registrar. Complete transfer course equivalencies between two-year institutions and Mercer.
• Serve as the liaison with Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll, and the College. Coordinate the payroll for approximately 700 adjunct faculty annually.
• Coordinate the online student/instructor course evaluations every eight-weeks.
Selected Accomplishments
• Successfully managed the College’s operating budget after a $500,000 reduction for three successive years by identifying to the dean ways in which resources could be used more efficiently and effectively.
• Developed, implemented, and evaluated an academic orientation program for new adult learners who enroll at the University’s Regional Academic Centers. The all-day event consisted of academic workshops that introduced more than 400 students annually to the University’s academic culture and expectations and covered topics including learning styles, life management strategies, and effective learning strategies. Establishment of the orientation program has resulted in an improved retention rate of the University’s adult learners. The program has become a model for four-year institutions that serve adult learners.
• Successfully implemented and administered the baseline proficiency assessment of new, returning adult students’ basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. By making the results available online, faculty were able to better advise students at registration. As a result, students enrolled in courses appropriate for their skill level and thus were better prepared to do college-level work. Improved advising contributed to an increase in the retention to graduation rate and raised the level of teaching and learning in the College.
• Developed, each semester, a profile of new and at-risk adult students. The profile includes academic and demographic characteristics of entering students and provides the faculty a complete description of the students they teach. The profile of at-risk students allowed the faculty advisors to develop intervention strategies to assist this group of students in succeeding at Mercer.
• Conducted a “Grade Distribution Study” that tracked and compared mean grades awarded to the University’s adult learners who enroll at the Centers by full-time and adjunct faculty. Findings from the study were shared with the faculty and administration and led to more effective evaluation of student learning, and resulted in an overall decrease in the mean grades awarded in the Centers. This effort was highlighted in a presentation at the regional meeting of the Association of Continuing Higher Education hosted by the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia in 2007.
• Compiled a reference guide of effective learning strategies and other information to improve the success of Mercer’s adult learners as part of the orientation program for returning adult students. The guidebook, titled Successful Learning Strategies for Adult Learners, has been adopted by several other four-year institutions in the southeast.
• Developed and taught an online course in Foundations of Leadership as part of the College’s summer online program. The course will now serve as a model online course for other courses offered in the Organization Leadership bachelor’s degree-completion program.
• Developed and taught annually a hybrid course in Research Methods in Social Science to reduce the amount of face-to-face class time for adult learners.

Mercer University Regional Academic Centers
Macon, Georgia 1993 – 2004
Director of Enrollment and Retention May 1998 – August 2004
Coordinator of Admissions November 1993 - May 1998

Areas of Responsibility
• Provided leadership for Mercer University’s Regional Academic Centers Office of Enrollment and Marketing as well as Office of Admissions.
• Promoted and marketed programs offered to adult learners at Mercer University’s three Regional Academic Centers and in the evening at Mercer’s Macon Campus. Developed annual marketing and recruitment campaigns to enroll new students and retain continuing students.
• Developed student recruitment literature and brochures as well as newspaper/magazine advertisements, and television and radio commercials.
• Planned and coordinated information sessions for prospective students interested in enrolling at Mercer’s Regional Academic Centers.
• Planned and coordinated the admission process of new and transfer applicants.
• Reported enrollment data each semester to deans, department chairs, and program coordinators.
• Developed annual projections for enrollment and tuition revenue.
• Worked closely with several University departments to compile enrollment and revenue data on a continuous basis.
• Monitored academic progress of provisionally admitted students for the first two semesters of enrollment.
Selected Accomplishments
• Developed marketing strategies that increased enrollment in Mercer’s Regional Academic Centers by 18% over a 5-year period and resulted in a record enrollment. The peak growth year of enrollment generated an additional $1.2m in gross revenues.
• Established relationship with Georgia’s two-year institutions and major companies in the metro Atlanta and middle Georgia areas to recruit adult learners who were interested in completing a four-year degree. Recruitment of transfer adult students rose from 60% to 85% over a five-year period.
• Provided the leadership for an action learning team, which resulted in the development of a comprehensive marketing study for Mercer University’s Regional Academic Centers.
• Led the action learning team in the design and development of an adult learner survey. The survey was designed to gather data on the adult students’ learning experiences, needs, and expectations. Administered, compiled, and analyzed the survey responses and provided the findings to faculty and administration. The findings have been used to educate stakeholders on Mercer’s adult learners and aid in decision-making. In addition, the survey has been shared nationally with and adopted by other institutions.
• Designed general recruitment literature and individual program brochures for the teacher education, social sciences, information systems, and organization leadership undergraduate programs and for the Community Counseling and Public Safety Leadership graduate programs.
• Developed enrollment models that predicted future enrollment in the University’s programs offered at its community-based centers.
• Conducted an elasticity study that accurately measured the influence of tuition price on enrollment demand.
• Developed strategies that consistently met 24-hour turnaround goals for 95% of admission applications and requests for information processed.
• Developed strategies for applicants seeking provisional admittance to the University to better inform admission decisions.
• Conducted research on enrollment and revenue trends of the University’s adult learners. The findings supported the decision to close academic centers in Covington and Griffin, Georgia and open a new academic center in McDonough, Georgia.
• Research and findings from the research on enrollment and revenue trends also helped the Executive Vice President and Provost in deciding to establish a new academic unit that focuses on serving adult learner. As a result, a new academic unit, the College of Continuing and Professional Studies, was established in January, 2003.
• Conducted market research and collaborated with the dean, associate dean, faculty, and student services representatives to develop a 16-month degree-completion program in Organization Leadership. The program generated $1.6 million in gross revenues during its second year.
• Conducted market research on the feasibility of continuing to offer a business undergraduate program in Eastman, Georgia. The findings supported the decision to discontinue the program because of insufficient demand and to reallocate the resources to other initiatives.
• Successfully negotiated contracts with advertising and media vendors to obtain optimum prices and ad placements.
• Collaborated with the University’s computer programmer analysts, registrar, and admission personnel in the planning, migration, and successful conversion of previous student information system to an upgraded system.

Mercer University Undergraduate Admissions
Macon, Georgia 1990 – 1993
Administrative Coordinator September 1990 – November 1993
Areas of Responsibility
• Provided leadership to six full-time employees who provided administrative support to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
• Planned work for and directed the activities of twenty student employees. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is responsible for the recruitment and admittance of traditional-aged students to four of Mercer University’s schools and colleges.
• Worked cooperatively and collaboratively with several departments including the Office of the Registrar, Student Financial Planning, Residence Life, Student Post Office, First Year Experience, Religious Life Center, Student Health Center, and Student Affairs.
• Gathered, compiled, and analyzed admission data. Generated weekly statistical admission reports to show application and inquiry trends.
Selected Accomplishments
• Established performance goals and objectives and successfully developed a plan of action that resulted in efficient processing of more than 26,000 requests for information and 1,500 applications for admission annually.
• Wrote computer programs to extract demographic data of prospective applicants, applicants, and entering freshmen. Provided data to various colleges and departments as requested to aid decision-making.
• Developed an academic profile of the new freshman class.

Park University, Grand Forks Air Force Base Resident Center
Grand Forks, North Dakota 1985 - 1990
Campus Center Director October 1984 – September 1990
Areas of Responsibility
• Responsible for the overall management and oversight of the University’s Resident Center operations.
• Provided leadership for all of the University’s student services functions including admissions, financial aid, registration, tuition payment, and book purchases.
• Recruited, hired, and evaluated the performance of adjunct faculty.
• Developed course schedules and made faculty teaching assignments.
• Developed enrollment reports for the University as well as outside agencies such as the Veteran’s Administration.
• Conducted enrollment forecasting.
• Developed annual operating budget proposals for marketing and enrollment activities.
• Planned and coordinated annual commencement ceremony.
Selected Accomplishments
• Planned, developed, and implemented recruitment campaign for undergraduate educational programs. Exceeded enrollment goals by 20% over a two-year period.
• Counseled and advised more than 400 adult learners annually in the areas of admissions, financial aid, registration, transfer credit evaluations, and career choice.
• Developed two-year course schedule that assisted students in planning their academic goals and increased the University’s student retention rate.
• Successfully wrote proposals to support hiring of additional personnel and purchase of new office equipment to help serve students more effectively and efficiently.

• Association of Continuing and Higher Education 69th Annual Conference and Meeting. Co-presenter, Eliminating Barriers to Persistence and Degree Completion Among Adult Learners, Roanoke, VA, October 28- 30, 2007.
• Mercer University Regional Academic Centers Orientation Workshop, New Adult Student Academic Orientation, McDonough GA, July 26, 2007.
• College of Continuing and Professional Studies Chairs’ Retreat, Baseline and Benchmarks, McDonough, GA, June 14, 2007.
• Association of Continuing and Higher Education Region 7/Georgia Adult Education Association 2007, Co-presenter, Measuring Undergraduate Adult Learning Through Assessment: Lessons Learned, Athens, GA, April 1- 3, 2007.
• Association of Continuing and Higher Education 2006, Co-presenter, Eliminating Barriers to Persistence and Degree Completion among Adult Learners, Ft. Worth, TX, April 23- 25, 2006.
• Association of Continuing and Higher Education 2005, Co-presenter, Building Quality Education through An Adult Learner Orientation Seminar, Charleston, SC, April 10- 12, 2005.
• Association of Continuing and Higher Education 2005, Roundtable Discussion on Effective Marketing Strategies for Adult Learners, Charleston, SC, April 10- 12, 2005.
• Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters (CPCU), 2004. Co-presenter, Learning As A Way of Life, Macon, GA, April 21, 2004.
• Innovations in Higher Education 2004, Co-presenter, Toward A Sustainable Future for Adult Programs: Action Research, Benchmarking, and Assessment, Orlando, FL, March 14 – 17, 2004.
• College of Continuing and Professional Studies Executive Committee, Enrollment, Tuition, Retention Trends in the Regional Academic Centers: Past, Present, and Future, McDonough, GA, February 10, 2004.
• Mercer University Regional Academic Centers Enrollment Workshop, Enrollment, Tuition, Retention Trends in the Regional Academic Centers: Past, Present, and Future, Macon, GA, February 4, 2004.
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• America Business Women Association, Mercer University’s Regional Academic Centers Programs and Students, McDonough, GA, August 17, 2003.
• Mercer University’s College of Continuing and Professional Studies 2003 Adjunct Faculty Workshop, Who Are Mercer University’s Adult Learners?, August 9, 2003.
• Mercer University’s College of Continuing and Professional Studies Faculty Retreat, Who Are Mercer University’s Adult Learners?, August 6, 2003.
• The Adult Learner Conference 2003, Co-presenter, Getting to Know Your Students: Adult Learners, Enrollment/Retention, and Action Learning, San Diego, CA, June 2 – 4, 2003.
• Leadership Douglas, Mercer University’s Regional Academic Centers Programs and Students, Douglasville, GA, November 7, 2002.
• Extended Education Faculty Summit, Enrollment, Retention, and Projections, Covington, GA, December 5, 2001.
• Extended Education Dean’s Retreat, Creating A Sustainable Future for Mercer University’s Centers, Macon, GA, November 7, 2001.
• The National Conference on the Adult Learner 2001, Co-presenter, New Program Development For Adult Learners: A Case Study In Student Satisfaction, Retention, and Increased Revenues, June 3 – 6, 2001, New Orleans, LA.

Doctorate of Education in Higher Education Leadership. Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 2007
Specialization: Adult Education
Dissertation: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Retention Plan Designed to Enhance the Academic Persistence of Adult Learners

Master of Business Administration in Management. Mercer University, Macon, Georgia, 1997

Bachelor of Science in Management. Park College, Parkville, Missouri, 1988
Magna Cum Laude.

• Association of Continuing Higher Education
− 2007 Program Planning Committee Member
− 2007 Nominations Committee Member
• University Continuing Education Association
• Georgia Adult Education Association
• Georgia Association of International Educators
• Georgia Association of Registrars and Admission Officers
• American Association of University Women
• Student Information System User’s Group

• College Administrative and Leadership Team
• Assessment and Planning Committee
• Regional Academic Center Coordinating Council
• Orientation Advisory Group
• Strategic Planning Task Force
• Retention Task Force

• Macon Police Athletic League (PAL), Macon, GA
• Macon Rescue Mission, Macon, GA
• Magnolia Manor of Macon, Macon, GA
• Older Americans Council of Middle Georgia (OAC), Macon, GA

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