Courses Taught

                                                             Required Courses:

bd10298_.gif (1127 bytes)     PHA 500     Biostatistics and Research Design

                                            Sequence Course:  Literature Evaluation/Drug Information 557

This course is designed to enable the student to develop an understanding of basic statistics and research design procedures and terms such that clinical studies in the medical and pharmaceutical literature may be objectively evaluated.  The course will also provide the student with the necessary tools such that he or she may be able to effectively describe, summarize, analyze and make valid conclusions from data collected through his or her own research endeavors.

bd10298_.gif (1127 bytes)     PHA 503    Pharmacy Management

This course is designed to provide the pharmacy student with those topics relevant to the management and administration of a pharmacy in the community and institutional settings.


                                                                 Elective Courses:

bd10298_.gif (1127 bytes)     PHA 505    Community Pharmacy Ownership

A course in retail pharmacy operation designed to acquaint the student with select behavioral and administrative aspects of community pharmacy ownership.   Emphasis is placed on professional and personal relations within the community pharmacy and on the mechanics involved with the operations of a small retail business.


                                              Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience:

bd10298_.gif (1127 bytes)     PHA 681    Academic Administration

An elective experience designed to stimulate the interest of pharmacy students in academia and provide the student with an understanding of the function and process of the academy.  Through interviews with faculty, readings in literature, participation in academic and administrative meetings, development of teaching materials with pharmacy faculty chosen as preceptors in the students' area of interest, the exploration of teaching methodologies and several "hands-on" projects, the student is better able to evaluate the possibility of a career in academia as well as assume a position in academia.