Helen Hodges, RN, PhD

Professor and RN-BSN Track Coordinator



NURN 309 Issues and Ideas in American Nursing (Summer, RN-BSN)NUR420

NURN 310 Professional Seminar for RNs (Fall, RN-BSN)

NURN 311 Health Assessment for RNs (Summer, RN-BSN)

NUR 420 Leadership and Role Practicum (Fall/Spring, RN-BSN & Prelicensure)

NUR 806 Qualitative Research in Nursing, Education, and HealthCare (Spring, PhD-online)













Dr. Hodges teaches in the baccalaureate, Master's, and PhD programs at the college.  She recruits, advises, and counsels RN-BSN students returning to school.  Clinical expertise lies in adult health and critical care. 

Community involvement centers on lower extremity assessment and foot care for the underserved elderly, and leadership within the interdisciplinary regional Atlanta Foot Care Coalition, a subcommittee of the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC).

She has published articles in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship, Journal of Nursing Education, Journal of Advanced Nursing, Public Health Nursing, and Nursing Education Perspectives, and book chapters in High Acuity Nursing, and  Nursing: Rx for Success.

Completed research includes phenomenology (Masterworks of Art and Chronic Illness Experience in the Elderly, Professional Resilience in BSN Prepared Acute Care Nurses), grounded theory (Career Persistence in BSN-Prepared Acute Care Nurses),  teaching-learning (Collaborative Interdisciplinary Learning for Pharmacy and Nursing Students, Camp Nursing as an Undergraduate Experience, Complexity Science and Problem-Based Learning.), Community-based HIV/AIDS Awareness and Universal Precautions (HIV/AIDS: A challenge in the Classroom). Presentations include local, regional, national, and international audiences.