The BOMM Program

Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Mathematical Modeling

Experience an integrated authentic laboratory research experience at Mercer University that combines Biology (BIO 212) and Organic Chemistry (CHM 221) with additional Mathematical Modeling (during BIO recitation).
Accepting applications for Fall 2022 until 11:59 pm March 6th

Authentic Laboratory Research

Biofilm drug discovery


Test potential drugs

The laboratory experience starts by testing previously made compounds against biofilm formation.  This requires learning aseptic technique, proper handling of bacterial cells, use of microplate washers and readers, and data analysis.


Design your own

Using the data you collect along with past BOMM data, your group will devise a hypothesis and design new compounds to test against biofilms.  Each group will design six new compounds using a combinatorial approach.


Synthesize and test your design

Using solid-phase synthesis techniques, your group will then construct the compounds, purify them, and test them in the biofilm assay-completing an entire iteration of the drug discovery process.

The BOMM Program Courses 2022

BIO 212 with Dr. Pannell
CHM 222 with Dr. Goode

Students in the BOMM program take both BIO 212 and CHM 221 concurrently. The courses follow a cohort model: students work in class and in lab with a single group for the entirety of the semester. Both instrutors are present to help students comprehend and connect key concepts, thus making connections between the two courses that many students miss. Relevant material for biofilms and compound synthesis are highlighted as the project in the lab progresses.

New in Fall 2022

Biology 212 with BOMM compound assays

Dr. Hensel will have three sections of BIO 212 that will perform biofilm inhibition assays on BOMM compounds made over the summer.  These courses will get the biological assay experience with compound design component, but not have the linked CHM 221 section for synthesis of compounds.

Register for BIO 212.005, BIO 212.006, or BIO 212.007

Our Students


Previous Student Participants

Five cohorts of students have successfully completed the BOMM program since 2015.  In 2020, our fifth cohort had 53 students.  Apply to be a part of the sixth cohort in 2021.


Students Continuing in Research (and growing)

After the BOMM program, students wishing to continue in research find positions in labs from the Chemistry Department, Biology Department, or Medical School.  Many also seek summer research opportunities with nationally funded programs.


Openings for Fall 2022

For the Fall of 2022 the BOMM program will only be one section.  
Apply today to be part of the 2022 BOMM Squad.

Apply Soon

Applications open from now until March 15th.
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