Associate Professor of Computer Engineering
Mercer University School of Engineering
Macon, GA 31207

Education Courses Taught
Research and Teaching Interests Experience
Award Publications and Presentations
Professional Affiliations Extracurricula Activities

Ph. D., Electrical/Computer Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, SK, Canada, 1997
Thesis Topic: “A Fault Tolerance Technique for Feedforward Artificial Neural Networks”
M. Sc., Electrical/Electronics Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, SK, Canada, 1991
Thesis Topic: “Grasp Control Using Tactile Sensory Feedback”
B. Eng., Electrical Engineering, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, 1986
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Computer Networks

Digital Logic
Embedded systems
Fault Tolerant Systems
Computer programming

           Real-time systems


Boeing grants for Mercer Robotics Workshop, 2010 2012 (Total award: $45,000).

Fellow, Governor's Teaching Fellows Program, May 2007

Medical Informatics Fellowship, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD,  May - August 2004.

Developed a computer network for use by health care organizations in low resource environments.

Co-Investigator, Keck Fund award to establish an Advanced Engineering Analysis Center. (Total award: $340,000)

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ECE 491/591 - Mobile Programming
ECE 455/555 - Computer Networks
ECE 323 - Microcomputer Fundamentals and Lab
EGR 126 - Programming for Engineers
ECE 322 - Digital Logic and Computer Organization
ECE 425/555 - Introduction to Computer Architecture


Member, Macon Toastmasters Club #824, Macon, GA

Volunteer Math Tutor, Centenary UMC, Macon, GA
Volunteered with Habitat for Humanity


July 2002 – Date, Mercer University, Macon, GA

Current Position: Associate Professor of Computer Engineering
Teaching Computer Networks/Data Communications, Digital Logic, and Embedded Systems courses.

Participating in course and laboratory development.
Advising students, and pursuing scholarly activities.

Senior Software Engineer
Sep. 2000 – March 2002, CIENA Corp, Alpharetta, GA
Actively participated in design, implementation (using C), integration, unit test, revision control, and release and maintenance of embedded software for Fiber Optic telecommunications equipment
Senior Software Engineer
June 99 – Sep. 2000, MOTOROLA COMPUTER GROUP, Tempe, AZ
  • Designed, coded, tested and provided web-based documentation (using C, Javascript and HTML/XML) for High Availability software for telecommunications
  • Performed software integration of 3rd party products with Motorola's compact PCI computers
  • Interviewed applicants for positions in a new project
Systems Engineer (Apr – June 1999)
Programmer/Analyst (Sept. 97 – Apr 99)

Sept. 97 – June 99, VALMET AUTOMATION (now called Telvent), Calgary, AB, Canada
  • Designed, developed (using C), and tested real-time embedded software for SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) applications
  • Prepared project documentation including software design documents, test plans and procedures, and user documents
Research Assistant, Programmer, and Teaching Assistant
Sept. 94 – Sept. 97, Nov. 91 – Apr. 94, Sept. 89 – Sept. 91
  • Designed, simulated (using C++), and analyzed fault tolerant neural networks
  • Wrote computer programs in PERL language to convert optically scanned English and French text into HTML and SQL format.
  • Designed a robotics data acquisition and control system. This included the modification of existing hardware, and development of control software (using C).
  • Laboratory and marking duties in VLSI, Electronics, and Electric Circuits courses
Engineer (Summer)
May – Aug. 94 CHALK RIVER RESEARCH LABS, Chalk River, ON, Canada
  • Set up a microcomputer-based instrumentation system for use in acoustic emission measuring experiments
  • Software development of data acquisition routines, using C in a real-time (QNX) environment
Graduate Assistant
Oct. 86 - July 87 FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, Owerri, Nigeria, Department of Electrical Engineering
Teaching and Laboratory Instructor in Digital Electronics, Control Systems, and Engineering Drawing (Graphics) courses


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