I have a wonderful wife (Taifa), a great daughter (Jasmine), and two frisky rhodesian ridgeback dogs (Mojo and Lucy).  Taifa is the Executive Director of the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI), a non-profit organization in Atlanta.  She does absolutely wonderful things to advance policies and practices that improve the quality of life for all Georgians.

Thirteen year-old Jasmine is the coolest, funniest person I know.  She is, at the moment, deciding among film school, writing, professional tennis, and volleyball as her true calling.  Stay tuned.

Mojo is six years old, and we are truly convinced that he is 50% canine, 50% Tasmanian Devil.  He's cute, though, so we keep him.  We lost his partner in crime (Kaya) in late 2012, and her partner in crime (Silas) back in 2010.  Those two were our first family pets and we miss them terribly.  Nine year-old Lucy is our newest family member.  We were fortunate enough to rescue her in August 2013, and she has made quite an impact on our household (to say the least).

We are Christians and attend Radiant Church in McDonough, GA.  It is thrilling to be a part of launching a new church, and we'd love to have you visit. 

When we are not working, helping Jaz with homework, or chasing the dogs from the kitchen, we like to play basketball (well, except for my latest knee surgery), golf (my newest obsession), and tennis (well, mostly Taifa and Jaz). 

June 2005 family vacation photos

March 2006 family vacation photos


Pictures of Jasmine

days old 18 months
1 month 21 months
3 months 2 years
6 months 3 years
9 months 4 years
12 months  

Pictures of Silas and Kaya (beloved canine friends from the past), and introducing Mojo.