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Lean Six Sigma Presentation



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Table of Contents

Lean Six Sigma

Why Do We Need Lean Six Sigma?

The Six Sigma Approach in the Business Community

Six Sigma Applicability

The Six Sigma Philosophy

Six Sigma Metrics

Six Sigma Management Approach

Six Sigma Inputs and Techniques

Guidelines for Determining Six Sigma Metrics

Selection of Six Sigma Improvement Projects

Implementation of Six Sigma Improvement Projects

Lean Enterprise

Evolution of Lean Manufacturing

Wasteful Practices

Lean Principles

Lean Techniques

Introduction to the 5Sís - 1

Introduction to the 5Sís - 2

Kaizen of an Assembly Line 1

Standard Work Flow Diagram

Cellular Layout Concept

Value Stream Mapping

Mapping the Current State

Lean Metrics (Quantitative)

Selection of Lean Projects

Proposition 1

Propositions 2 and 3

Proposition 4

Proposition 5

Discussion of Propositions


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