Research in my laboratory focus on the use of chemistry to better understand biology.  Of particular interest is the design and utilization of small organic molecules to perturb a biological system.  Individual research projects vary a great deal ranging from
computational chemistry (structural homology studies, Autodock an automated docking  program) to synthetic organic (solid phase synthesis) to biochemical (screening compounds via ELISA screens and spectroscopic analysis of binding).

Current Research Projects Include:

Rational, Structure-Based Design, Synthesis and Screening of Potential High-Affinity PPAR delta Ligands
Current Researchers:  Emilianne McCrannie and Michael Dellapolla
Previous Researchers:  Omar Khatib, John Dortch, Leslie Aldrich, Zack Dentmon, Alex Ford

2.  Synthesis of Trilostane Derivatives for the Study of 3-beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase/Isomerase
See Publications Page for the most recent results
Current Researchers:  Katie McQueen and Ross Terrell
Previous Researchers:  Andrew Brooks and Delaram Moshkalani.
Collaboration with James Thomas (Basic Medical Science, Mercer University Medical School)

3.  Computational Studies into the Catechins: The Anti-oxidative Component of Green Tea
Interesting results are right around the corner.
Current Researchers:  Louis McNamara

Previous Researchers:  Stephanie Kofsky
Collaboration with Andrew J.  Pounds (Department of Chemistry, Mercer University)