Candace W. Barnett, Ph.D.  Teaching Philosophy

As a member of the faculty of the Southern School of Pharmacy, I believe my role is to civilize students.  I do not mean this in a pejorative way.  What I do mean, is that I have a responsibility to cultivate thoughtful, experienced pharmacists.

I have found the majority of pharmacy students are eager to learn the content necessary to practice pharmacy, but they have not given thought to "how" they will practice pharmacy, how they will interact with patients and colleagues.  And so through my teaching, I try to provide these young adults an opportunity or forum for such pause.

A faculty member for whom I have much respect once told me, "If you can read and write, you can teach yourself anything."  With guidance, our students can teach themselves content.  The profession of pharmacy is moving rapidly toward mandatory demonstration of continued competence.  Therefore, our students will become life-long learners out of necessity.  I feel civility is one area where I and all faculty can perhaps influence the growth of students, both before they enter practice and in a way they would not necessarily have come to on their own.