Candace W. Barnett, Ph.D.  Courses Taught

Required Courses:

    PHA 303    Communication Skills for Pharmacists

This course is designed to develop and enhance communication skills necessary for effective pharmacy practice.  The course consists of formal lectures, problem-solving sessions, and two laboratory sessions.  The problem-solving sessions provide an opportunity to discuss and apply information presented in lecture.  Prior to lectures and problem-solving sessions, students will be assigned material to read from their textbook or will be given handouts and cases to read.  Students are expected to read these prior to class to assume maximum benefit from the lecture and discussions.  The laboratory sessions will involve counseling a patient/actor about a prescription while be videotaped.  The first counseling session will be conducted to establish baseline skills.  In the second session the student is expected to apply skills learned in the course.


    PHA 503    Pharmacy Management

This course is designed to provide the pharmacy student with those topics relevant to the management and administration of a pharmacy in the community and institutional settings.


Elective Courses

    PHA 508    Human Resource Management Skills for Pharmacists

The majority of pharmacy graduates will ultimately manage or supervise employees.  Two areas that are the most challenging and crucial for managers are performance management and the increasing diversity of the workforce in the context of equal employment opportunity law.  The objective of this course is to expand on these areas as well as present other domains of Human Resource Management (HRM), not included in the required pharmacy management course.  this course provides theoretical and experiential approaches to the study of HRM while focusing on the enhancement of student personal competencies through individual and group exercises with self- and peer- assessment.  A variety of pharmacy settings are incorporated into discussions.  The course also seeks a balanced coverage of traditional HRM topics and emerging, significant HRM issues of the day.


    PHA 511    Basic Management Skills

This course is designed to provide students with the basic principles, theories and terminology in management, essential to pursuing subsequent courses in management.  This course along with the required course Pharmacy Management 503 together fulfill the Level I management prerequisite for the MBA program.